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State Board Report

June 2012

I recently read a short story, written by some anonymous author, that started out with the paragraph: “As summer approaches, my = thoughts drift back to summers gone by. Once school was out for the summer, the neighborhood kids had three months of wonderful, carefree days. We would run and play, or lay around in the shade reading a book or watching the clouds float by. Three months of freedom! It was so relaxing, and looking back now, I’m sorry I took those days for granted. All too soon, they would be gone…just a memory.”

Upon reading the story, I too took a few moments to drift back to my own remembrances of summer. They include fishing holes, picking blackberries, baseball and long bike rides, but — most importantly — it is the friendships and relationships that make those recollections so memorable. As we begin our summer in this year of transition and change, I have reflected on our experiences, our challenges and our successes, and once again it is the people associated with NASBA (our members, volunteers, stakeholders and staff) that determine how our memories of summer will be remembered.

NASBA leadership recently participated in a planning meeting to consider committee charges and appointments, and other positions that need to be determined for next year. It was a great time to take a reflective look at the hundreds of individuals, both current and past Board of Accountancy members and staff, who make up the NASBA family. It is indicative of the type of organization that NASBA is that so many wonderful folks continue to identify with, and desire to participate in, NASBA — even if only to maintain the social and lasting friendships.

As of this writing we are preparing for a new strategic planning meeting that will involve volunteers from throughout the organization and across the country. Everything that NASBA does will be on the table for discussion. To continue to grow in relevance, and to be successful in meeting our mission to enhance the effectiveness of State Boards of Accountancy, it is imperative that we challenge ourselves and be open to new ideas and new ways of doing things. Bringing in fresh faces with different backgrounds and new perspectives will insure that NASBA will continue to be a vibrant organization well into the future.

I recently participated in a discussion about the differences between “baby boomers” and “generation Y.” One quote that stood out was: “Baby boomers ask, ‘Why?’ Generation Y asks, ‘Why not?’ And Generation Z will ask, ‘Why not now?’ ” In our business operations at NASBA we see the change every day. New examination and licensure candidates expect instant results and gratification, online information and intuitive processes. As generation Y has members turning 30, and as they begin to play a more significant role in the accounting profession, they will expect NASBA to keep pace. I am confident that we will meet that challenge.

I hope to someday look back at the summer of 2012 as a period of opportunity, new possibilities and, most importantly, the building of new friendships and strong relationships around the globe. I wish all of you a happy summer including fun times with family or friends, relaxing vacations, great barbeques and, hopefully, time to reflect on how blessed we all are to be a part of NASBA. I wish you something you will likely contemplate in the future in your “thoughts of summer.”

Semper ad meliora. (Always toward better things.)

— Ken L. Bishop
President and CEO

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