State Board Report

November 2011

Tell every legislator you know, every year, what your Board is doing, Bucky Glover (NC), chair of NASBA’s State Board Relevance and Effectiveness Committee, urged the Boards. He presented a first draft of a model brochure his committee is developing for State Board members to distribute to their legislators to summarize their Board’s activities.

Mr. Glover reported his committee is also in the process of surveying the State Boards’ executive directors to determine how their boards compare to what the committee defined as a “semiindependent board’ in its white paper (to see “Semi-Independent State Boards of Accountancy Position Paper” from October 22, 2010, click here).

The committee plans to contact State Board and state society chairs and society executives to get their views on the quality of state board/state society relations.

“We want to build the relationship between the State Board and the state society. We understand that at times you may not agree, but the more you can work together, the more you can accomplish,” Mr. Glover told the Boards.

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