State Board Report

November 2011

Starting in the fourth quarter of 2011, CPA Examination candidates can expect to receive their scores on target dates based upon their testing dates and scores will be reported more frequently, Douglas E. Warren, chairman of the Board of Examiners, reported at the Annual Meeting. Research on new ways to improve the Examination is ongoing and a new CBT-e is anticipated, which may even make it possible to offer the Examination on the iPad some day, Mr. Warren said.

The international administration of the CPA Examination was launched in August with no major issues and met projected volumes, Mr. Warren said. The most frequent comment received was that the Examination should be offered in more locations. Overall there was a volume increase in 2010 because candidates wanted to avoid being tested on International Financial Reporting Standards; however, the volume is back to about 250,000 and is expected to stay there, Mr. Warren said. The pass rates in 2011 are also about what they were in 2007 he observed.

NASBA has promised to look at the migration patterns of international candidates, NASBA Executive Vice President Ken L. Bishop said. NASBA is going to look at where those candidates tested and will monitor and verify that they became licensed in the U.S. per the preconditions. Candidates from 25 countries took the Examination in one of the testing sites in Bahrain, Japan, Kuwait or Lebanon. A Brazil location is to open soon. Mr. Bishop said talks are underway for considering additional Phase 1 international testing locations.

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