State Board Report

October 2011

The 2011 edition of Candidate Performance on the Uniform CPA Examination, covering testing information collected for the calendar year 2010, is now available for purchase at $90 for a printed copy and $70 for e-book. This edition includes a more granular view of event and performance data than earlier years’ reports.

For 2010, the schools with the top overall pass rates for first-time candidates without an advanced degree were:

  1. Wake Forest University
  2. University of Virginia
  3. University of Wisconsin – Madison
  4. Cornell University
  5. Trinity University
  6. University of Missouri – Columbia
  7. Kansas State University
  8. Western Washington University
  9. Texas Christian University
  10. University of Notre Dame.


The schools with the top overall pass rates for first-time candidates with an advanced degree were:

  1. James Madison University
  2. Brigham Young University
  3. University of Georgia
  4. University of Kentucky
  5. New York University
  6. Baylor University
  7. University of Michigan – Ann Arbor
  8. University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill
  9. University of Wisconsin – Madison
  10. State University of New York – Buffalo


The 2011 edition details examination candidate performance for each school. Candidates for the examination included graduates from nearly 2,000 colleges and universities. Information about ordering the study can be obtained by emailing

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