State Board Report

July 2011

On May 2, 2011, within 60 seconds of the launch of the international examination application process allowing CPA Examination candidates to test outside the United States, the first candidate registered to take the Uniform CPA Examination in Tokyo, NASBA Executive Vice President and COO Ken Bishop announced at the Regional Meetings. By the time he addressed the Eastern Regional on June 23, nearly 1,000 such candidates had registered. “International CPA candidates are not a new phenomena. For the last ten years the number of foreign applicants has been growing, with over 10,000 individual candidates taking the examination in the U.S. in 2010,” Mr. Bishop reported.

“If the U.S. CPA profession did not step up today and make the ‘CPA’ credential available and relevant globally, someone ten years from now would be asking who was asleep at the switch,” Mr. Bishop stated. He noted there already are other organizations offering accounting credentials in the Middle East and Japan, where the first international CPA testing sites are located. The examination will be delivered in Prometric test sites that are of the same quality, with the same security measures, as those centers are in the U.S., he assured the Boards. He has visited all the sites for the CPA Examination in Japan, many in the Middle East, and will have been to all of them by the end of the year. Negotiations for a site in South America are going on now.

Candidates who take the examination outside the United States must agree to be under the jurisdiction of a State Board, so they must come to the Board to participate in any investigation that may arise, Mr. Bishop explained. “NASBA will absolutely assist the Boards with international issues. We will be there for you with the resources you need to protect your citizens,” he said. This could include providing investigative support and funding. NASBA is considering ways for candidates who take the CPA Examination outside the U.S. to obtain the necessary experience for licensure. These CPAs outside the U.S. will also need to meet the State Boards’ continuing professional education requirements and NASBA has started to encourage CPE Registry sponsors to explore this market.

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