State Board Report

July 2011

Boards can be more effective if they are independent, State Board Relevance and Effectiveness Committee Chair Bucky Glover (NC) told breakout session participants at the Eastern Regional. “Our Committee is here not to move you to complete independence, but to help you with moving toward independence,” he explained. “Independence” for a State Board is the ability to control the licensing process, competency, enforcement and to work effectively, Mr. Glover stated, and his Committee is gathering information on which states are working towards independence, along with which states are in jeopardy of losing their independence.

“The State Board’s job is public protection,” said Rick Sweeney, executive director of the Washington Board and a member of the Committee. “We should recognize that our job is not to license CPAs but to prepare people to carry that license and, if they get out of whack, to enforce. The Board needs to be independent and control its own money so it can react quickly,” he told the Boards’ representatives.

NASBA Executive Vice President Ken Bishop told the Eastern Regional Meeting’s participants, “Incoming NASBA Chair Mark Harris and I are interested in developing a well-defined legislative office in NASBA with the ability to provide professional support to State Boards with legislative efforts. This would include designated staff and a budget to hire lobbyists in states that have high priority legislation, a team with the resources that can help State Boards in trouble.” He stated: “State Boards are much stronger if they are well funded and have enough autonomy to have adequate staff and resources to protect the public. Additionally, the proposed legislative office would have the ability to monitor and participate in federal legislation discussions that impact accountancy. We are hopeful that we can begin developing the concept by this fall.”

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