WOW- the Ethics Network. Our team has worked so hard on creating this new program. Not just on the concept and the virtual membership components, but also on the timely and informative Webinars Ethics Network members will truly appreciate.

Why Join? Because the Ethics Network allows you to define yourself as an individual who values ethical leadership and integrity. If you’re a person who does the right thing because it’s the right thing to do—the Ethics Network is for you.

In this issue’s book review, I begin by stating it was provident that the first few books I started weren’t good enough to recommend, because I ultimately stumbled upon Join the Club. This terrific book gave me some insight and hope that the Ethics Network might help affect change in our society—one principled member at a time. Just think, if through the Ethics Network we create a community of like-minded, successful individuals, who live and breathe an ethical principled life, hang their membership certificates with pride, use their electronic icons to identify themselves, and connect through their LinkedIn space to share information with other members—good will triumph. The guys wearing the white hats will win. We won’t watch the news every night and say to ourselves, “What was he thinking?”

Take the time to read the reprint article on social media. Regardless of the industry or the size of your business—you are affected by social media.

Some other topic you are interested in? Let me know. We will work hard to bring you current information on the topics that will give you an ethical edge.

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