Pursuant to David Costello’s announced retirement date of December 31, 2011, the NASBA Executive Committee studied the appropriate approach and process to determine a replacement. After much consideration, including assuring an appropriate level of State Board member input, the following approach is being proposed to the NASBA Board of Directors for approval at its April 2010 meeting.

Upon approval by the NASBA Board, the following process will be communicated within the NASBA/State Board community. The goal is to have David’s replacement identified and “on board” at NASBA (if not already here) to provide sufficient transition time of 9 months or so:

  1. The Executive Committee (EC) proposes the following NASBA members to serve on the Selection Advisory Committee:
    • John Peace (Chair) – Arkansas
    • Andy DuBoff – New Jersey
    • Ellis Dunkum – Virginia
    • Jimmy Burkes – Mississippi
    • Charles Clark – Idaho
    • Ted Long – Ohio
    • Kent Smoll – Kansas
    • Laurie Tish – Washington
    • Bill Treacy (ED) – Texas
  2. The Selection Advisory Committee (SAC) will determine their process of arriving at recommendations to the NASBA EC, but it will, at a minimum, comply with the following process:
    1. The decision whether or not to hire a search firm or consultant, as well as legal counsel, will be made by the SAC.
    2. The SAC will initially vet their process with State Boards and obtain feedback at the 2010 NASBA Regional Meetings in the Regional
    3. Breakout Sessions with no restriction on discussion as determined by the SAC.
    4. Following the State Board vetting process, any decisions moving forward, including resource needs in (a) above, will be those of the SAC.
    5. Staff support to SAC may be provided by NASBA, State Boards, or others, at the cost of NASBA, but at the discretion of the SAC in considering confidentiality.
    6. The SAC will meet with David Costello to discuss his recommendation and related considerations from his NASBA staff succession plan process.
    7. David Costello’s recommendation will be one of the 3 finalists proposed by SAC to the EC.
    8. The SAC will interview both NASBA staff and non-NASBA staff candidates and, based on its research and analysis, determine 2 finalists (with strong consideration of non-NASBA staff) together with David Costello’s recommendation to propose to the EC.
    9. The SAC shall deploy time and resources as are reasonable, with any unusual issues brought to the EC for consultation or approval.
    10. Timing and expectation for the SAC process is generally 9-12 months.
    11. The SAC shall provide status reports to the NASBA EC, Board and members at their respective scheduled meetings or as SAC deems necessary.
  3. Upon recommendations of the 3 finalists by the SAC, the EC, together with the SAC, will jointly propose the single selection to the NASBA Board for approval with transparency as to the process, finalists and rationale. Upon the NASBA Board’s approval, an announcement of the selection will be made or, if not approved, the process will continue.

April 23, 2010

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