My 12-year old son, Christian, got very sick last month and was to be given a dose of steroids to reduce the swelling in his lungs. When the doctor stepped out of the examining room, Christian told me he didn’t want the steroids. When queried, he said, “It’s not right. I can’t take steroids!” I had to have the doctor explain to him that in his case, it was perfectly legal and ethical. Moreover, the type of drug being administered to him was completely different than the type of drug that athletes use illegally. He took his dose but contended that it should be called something else, so kids wouldn’t get confused. He even came up with a few names “GTM—Gross Tasting Medicine,” being his favorite. A few days later, I asked him again why he was so opposed to taking the medicine. He said, “Mom, one day you’re in the doctor’s office, the next day you’re in the headlines with A-Rod.” His point of view just fascinated me—kids don’t want to be like the highest paid athletes anymore. Read about TOMS shoes in the “Good News” column and you will be inspired by the young social-minded business man Blake Mycoskie. Our SCPT program is taking off and we hope to report more chapters have launched in the spring semester. It’s truly an awesome program—support it and you can impact the future too. You received my Thanksgiving letter last month and I hope you will consider continuing your financial support of the CPT this year. The holiday season is here. I hope yours is happy and healthy.


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