Based on feedback received from state boards, the ALD is regarded as a valuable tool when determining if an individual and/or firm is licensed and in good standing. In fact, with continued use, state boards are discovering that the ALD is a positive asset when performing daily tasks.

For example, California is planning for their staff to use the ALD to process applications for licensure, to verify if individuals are licensed in other jurisdictions and to verify employers who sign experience forms. Missouri is another state that uses the ALD to verify all licensure applications. There are many other states that use the ALD for the same purpose. Now, it is time to let everyone else have the same opportunity. With the widespread adoption of Mobility, the need for consumers and the general public to determine if an individual and/or firm is licensed and in good standing is more prevalent than ever. The public version of the ALD will allow the public, in a single search, to query where an individual and/or firm has been licensed, limited to the jurisdictions that are providing records to the ALD.

Many activities are currently in progress to pave the way for the launch of the public version of the ALD. A focus group has been surveyed to aid in the name selection process and to affirm that the information provided will serve as a beneficial tool to the public. If all goes well, NASBA plans to launch the ALD Public Web site during the first quarter of 2011.

Does your board have questions about providing information to the pubic via this national database? If so, NASBA is available to provide information and/or make a presentation to your board. Contact Kenny Denny ( or 615-312-3801) for more information and to schedule an appointment.

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