When faced with a new challenge, what is your standard approach? Do you take a practical approach of formulating a plan, or do you immediately tackle the issue head-on, with no formal plan in place?

When I first assumed the role as NASBA’s ALD Administrator, there were only four states participating in the ALD. This new position entailed reaching out to all 55 jurisdictions and discussing their participation in the ALD. Initially, I didn’t think it would be all that hard to accomplish. I love meeting new people, and now, I had the opportunity to meet at least one new person from all 55 jurisdictions. Needless to say, I was excited about this new opportunity and took on this new challenge head-on. Little did I know, there was a bit more involved than merely contacting individuals, asking them if they wanted to participate, requesting data, and calling it a day.

In my first 18 months on the project, there was not a lot of movement. Soon after, it was decided that a Task Force would be established to assist in increasing awareness and also to guide the strategies, policies and technical issues relating to the ALD. With the Task Force serving as a champion, the number of participating states began to increase. As a result of our collective and strategic efforts, a total of 46 states are either participating or have committed to participate in the ALD. Of the 46 states, 31 states have licensee information housed in the ALD, representing over half a million licensee records.

The map above shows the huge momentum that the ALD has accumulated as of October 15. Many states have indicated that the need for an ALD-type system is a must with the passing of Mobility occurring in virtually all jurisdictions.

It has truly been an enjoyable journey watching the ALD grow from its initial launch until now. I look forward to watching it grow in the future.

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