The ALD Task Force is planning to have a big presence at this year’s 103rd NASBA Annual Meeting in San Antonio, Texas. Kenny Denny will be manning the ALD booth, located in the Regency Ballroom Foyer, to answer any questions meeting attendees may have regarding the ALD.

In addition to the information booth, please make plans to attend Tuesday’s Annual Meeting Plenary Session where Dan Sweetwood (NE Executive Director and ALD Task Force chair) will present a status report on the ALD and also discuss new and exciting information regarding expanded use of the ALD in the year ahead. This will be something that you will not want to miss.

Finally, the ALD Task Force meets at least four times each year. One of these meetings is generally held in conjunction with the NASBA Annual Meeting. This year, the ALD Task Force will meet in San Antonio on Sunday, October 24, to discuss policies governing ALD, new features for the current ALD Board Web site as well as plans for the new ALD Public Tool.

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