The ALD Task Force is continuously thinking of ways for the ALD to better assist boards. Recently, three new improvements were introduced to the system. The improvement that our team is most excited about is direct access to Accountancy Licensing Library (ALL) summary information in the ALD. Users no longer have to leave the ALD to obtain up-to-date licensing information from ALL. Now, users can click on the link provided in the licensee record that will open the licensing information for that specific state in another window. This new addition provides easy access, in one location, to verify the licensing requirements for a particular state without ever having to leave the ALD.

Another improvement to the ALD system is the placement of a date stamp in each licensee’s record. This stamp provides users with the date that the state board sent the file to the ALD. This will help all state boards ensure that their license information in the ALD is as up-to-date as possible. It will also help other state boards that are using the information in the ALD know that the information is as up-to-date as the information at the state board.

The third improvement is a link to state board contact information including their Web site. Each record has a statement to contact the state board for official verification and an easy link to the state.

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