In life, commitment oftentimes serves as a catalyst to achieving a goal or task. In turn, a sense of real accomplishment accompanies completion of the goal or task – especially if the undertaking is one of great importance. One important goal of NASBA is to continually increase the awareness and number of participants in the ALD.

We are thrilled to announce that effective February 2010, the California Board of Accountancy (CBA) began sending a nightly transmission to ALD. With the addition of California’s 110,000 records, the ALD now contains approximately 440,000 licensees.

In a recent conversation Patti Bowers, CBA Executive Officer, said that she plans for her staff to use the ALD as they process applications for licensure to verify if individuals are licensed in other jurisdictions and, in some instances, to verify employers who sign experience verification forms.

Currently, the process is very manual for applicants and CBA staff alike. Applicants must send a Certificate of Experience form to their employer and then the employer completes and returns the form to the CBA. Depending on the type of experience being verified, CBA staff must then provide a form to the applicant to send to the employer’s state of licensure. That state then completes the form with background information for the employer’s CPA license and mails it to the CBA office. Bowers concluded, “Using ALD will allow us to eliminate this manual process as we can now verify this information online. It is going to significantly cut down on the processing timeframe and the workflow.”

Sally Anderson, CBA Board Member, also stressed the importance of the ALD public version going online to protect the public in a Mobility environment. “Strong consumer groups in California who are very influential with the Legislature have voiced concerns about individuals coming into our state and potentially doing harm to our citizens, with no means to track these individuals. Having a national database is very important so that if problems arise, we can find a way to…

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