We are very excited about the continued expansion of the ALD board tool as well as our plans to provide a Web site with basic licensee information to the public. The Public Web site is an exciting new way we are assisting boards in protecting the public through access to information.

In February, NASBA sent out a Quick Poll to gather each board’s questions, comments and level of interest in a Web site hosted by NASBA, accessible by the public, containing basic license information for all participating jurisdictions. We received responses from 40 jurisdictions that overall gave us a thumbs up.

Edith Steele made a presentation at the ED Conference in March and provided a summary of the results and a Q&A document to address questions and comments we received on this subject. We’ve looked at all of the statesponsored Web sites that are now available to the public and created a prototype that will contain similar information with an added benefit of searching across all of the states. In the next few weeks, we will be contacting each state to ask for permission to include their information in this new Web site.

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