Just Do It Right

We’re proud of this year’s Being a Difference Awardees. Once again, our Awards Subcommittee did an outstanding job of selecting winners who truly embody the spirit of the award—people and organizations that are truly being a difference.

Milton Brown, the CPT Board’s first past chair is heading the Advancement Committee and has kicked off the “Be One” Campaign. I urge you to join Milton and the others listed by being one to donate $1,000.

Our Good News column is full  this issue of deeds of extraordinary people. People who live their lives to a higher standard and are truly role models – so unlike some of the celebrities we’ve been reading about. Lying and cheating are, simply put, wrong. So I’ve been really surprised when I’ve read opinions that celebrities and sports stars shouldn’t be held to a higher standard because they’re not role models. Well it’s not a higher standard; it’s just the basic rules. And, companies like Nike don’t pay just anyone millions of dollars to endorse their products; they select people the rest of us look up to. Really, who doesn’t want to putt like Tiger Woods? (I’d like to putt like Woods just once.) The Nike motto Just Do It may need to be updated to Just Do it Right.

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