“Ethics is the most important thing in one’s personal and business life.” This response was given by long-time supporter of the NASBA Center for the Public Trust, Milton Brown, when asked why he personally supports the CPT. Donors give for a variety of reasons, but the resounding thought was echoed by each person surveyed – the CPT is a much needed organization in today’s society.

Additionally, one gentleman said that he values the concept of the Student Center for the Public Trust (SCPT) and would like for his grandson to have the opportunity to participate at his college.

Another donor stressed that “It appears that many of our leaders have misplaced their moral compass. . .. The Center promotes the development of ethical leadership. It is good that an organization recognizes those individuals and businesses that follow high standards.”

The reasons for CPT support vary, but CPT donors are passionate and unanimous in their belief in the need for this organization as expressed in the following quote: “Since the time of its inception, I have been committed to the values and mission of the Center for the Public Trust. As a supporter and donor of the CPT, that commitment has been rewarded time and again. The many conferences the CPT hosts, the awards and recognition it provides and initiatives it sponsors all speak to the great value business ethics and integrity impart in our society and economy. I am aware of no other organization so totally dedicated to raising awareness of the importance of public trust. This is a work that must be continued, advanced and built upon.”

The CPT values and appreciates its donors who make it possible to create an awareness of the need for integrity and trust in our society. The NASBA Center for the Public Trust is most appreciative of the generosity of all its contributors. We are grateful to this year’s Trust Society member, Pinnacle Bank, for its generous contribution of $50,000.

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