Another exciting piece of the ALD will be unveiled at the Conference for Executive Directors and State Board Staff in March. A prototype for the public version of the ALD is underway.

The purpose of the ALD has always been envisioned as two-fold. The initial purpose of the ALD is to assist states in regulating the accounting profession by providing a secure place for state board staff to share licensee information. Secondly, the ALD was created to support state boards in providing a central location for the public to research a CPA across state lines.

With mobility practice privileges, the state of licensure of a CPA may not always be known to the public. This valuable search tool will be very helpful in assisting the public in gaining basic information on whether a person is licensed and where to call for more information.

ALD Taskforce Chair, Dan Sweetwood, has appointed a sub-committee to research what information should be included in the public version. One tool that the sub-committee has implemented is a quick poll. This poll was recently released to gather feedback from state boards regarding the information you feel will need to be included. Input from your board is
very important.

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