By Dan Sweetwood, ALD Chair

The word momentum comes to mind when I think of the status of ALD today. Like Mobility, the ALD is steadily gaining velocity. One year ago, 28 jurisdictions stood committed to participating in the ALD. Today, that number has grown to 44, or 80% of U.S. Boards of Accountancy. This momentum can mainly be attributed to executive directors and Boards taking the time to review and discuss the ALD with NASBA staff and Taskforce members about how the ALD can be a valuable tool to you and the whole accountancy regulatory community.

I salute and send a special thank you to our 2010 ALD Taskforce members: Rebecca Adams (CT), Sally Anderson (CA), Patti Bowers (CA), Mark Crocker (TN), Dan Dustin (NY), Russ Friedewald (IL), Michael Skinner (GA), Edith Steele (OK), Rick Sweeney (WA), Karen Turner (CO), Viki Windfeldt (NV), and Lisa Zolman (WA) along with hardworking NASBA staff members: Joe Cote, Yordanos Dumez, Sandra Davidson, Kenny Denny and Mike Semich. Also, a special thank you to all of the state boards that stand committed to ALD.

Momentum is also a descriptor of the evolution of the ALD as a tool. The Taskforce is working to continually improve the usefulness of the tool….

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