CPT Honors Family for Supporting US Soldiers

MichaelWeinshel, CarolWeinshel and Susan Spivack were honored with CPT Being a Difference Awards on October 2, 2009, in Easton, CT. They were recognized for their continuous encouragement and selfless endeavor to boost the morale of U.S. soldiers overseas.

They started in October of 2005, when the 2,850 soldiers of the 159th Aviation Brigade were deployed to Iraq — these three family members adopted the entire brigade and purchased, packaged and shipped a Christmas gift for each soldier. When the threesome learned of how the gifts impacted the soldiers and that in some cases, their gift was the only one some soldiers received, they decided to continue their efforts with monthly theme gifts. Today they are sending packages to nearly 9,000 soldiers.

Col. Jeffrey Colt’s 4,000 soldiers were the first to receive the gift packages. He flew from his home in Nevada to attend the award ceremony last month. “You cannot imagine the reaction of soldiers when they receive something like this,” he said. “They have literally supported thousands of soldiers they have never met, and asked for nothing in return.” Col. Colt became emotional when he stated, “It is my honor to be here. You are an example for the country.” He described the family members as “remarkably generous” and “selfless volunteers”.

“We are so proud to be honoring these three. They truly embody the concept of this award program—they are making a difference to thousands of young men who are representing our country,” noted David Costello, President & CEO of the NASBA CPT, who flew in from Nashville, TN, to attend the award ceremony.

The award – established by the NASBA CPT in 2006 – honors individuals and organizations for their unique contributions to ethical leadership in their community or profession.

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