State Board Report

November 2009

NASBA 2008?09 Chair Thomas J. Sadler congratulated the State Boards, over 250 NASBA volunteers and NASBA staff on their accomplishments over the past year. He told NASBA’s 2009 Annual Meeting, that together, the Boards and NASBA had:

• Increased the number of states passing mobility legislation to 45, with five more on the way.

• Advanced the Accountancy Licensee Database steadily with over 30 states now at some stage of conversion.

• Supported the Compliance Assurance Committee’s development of a discussion paper on the state of peer review.

• Represented state boards at over 20 international and federal agencies and forums in San Francisco, London, Vancouver, BC, Washington, DC, and New York.

• Commented in writing and, on numerous occasions in person, on significant exposure drafts and requests for response on regulatory and professional issues.

• Developed a plan for administering the Uniform CPA Examination outside of the United States.

• Administered the 1,000,000th computer?based Uniform CPA Examination in the United States.

• Completed a survey to raise the level of awareness of Boards to what other Boards are doing to enforce compliance with accountancy statutes and rules – a vital step toward developing best enforcement practices.

In regulation:

• NASBA and State Boards were prominently mentioned in the U.S. Government Accountability Office’s report on the single audit process.

• NASBA influenced IFAC’s Accounting Advisory Group’s recommendations to the G?20 Financial Summit.

• NASBA last year inaugurated the Forum of International Accounting Regulators, a unique meeting of international regulators from around the world, and this fall followed up with a second very successful conference in San Francisco.

• Hosted the Continuing Professional Education Conference to bring Board representatives and course sponsors together to promote high quality CPE.

• Forged a mutual recognition agreement, through the NASBA/AICPA International Qualifications Appraisal Board, with the New Zealand Institute of Chartered Accountants and recommended the MRA to the Boards for their adoption.

Chair Sadler also praised the work of the Center for the Public Trust: “NASBA, to my knowledge, is the only regulatory organization in the world to promote ethics with a proactive forward approach encompassing awards, recognition, dialogue, and conferences – rather than through the rearview mirror of punishment and sanctions.”

The complete text of Chair Sadler’s presentation, as well as handout materials and videos from the 102nd NASBA Annual Meeting, can be found on its Web site,

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