Special Event for Founding Members

The NASBA CPT celebrated its five year anniversary by honoring its Founding Members at the NASBA Annual Meeting in Phoenix, AZ. Founding Members were given a specially designed coin as a token of the CPT’s appreciation for their generous support.

“Your contribution to the NASBA Center for the Public Trust and status as a Founding Member truly reflects your belief in the endeavor to promote ethics and ethical leadership,” noted Executive Director Lisa Axisa. “What is most impressive is that many of you donated to an idea—we had just a few programs in place, but many ideas and you were willing to support us.”

A video depicting the CPT’s activities was premiered at the reception and highlighted the positive work being done by the CPT. New CPT Chair Larry Bridgesmith noted, “Historically, negative events in the business community have been considered newsworthy and much attention and energy has been expended in that direction. The NASBA Center for the Public Trust takes an alternative approach – focus and attention is given to the organizations and individuals who truly elevate the ethical threshold in the world.”

Milton Brown, who served for five years as the first chair of the CPT commented, “This was a warm and satisfying evening. Everyone’s comments and support has been very uplifting.”

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