By Dan Dustin, Executive Director New York State Board of Public Accountancy

The ALD Taskforce team is working hard to continually improve the value
and usefulness of the information and features made available through the ALD
tool. Nashville, TN will serve as the host city for our next Taskforce meeting being
held August 3-4. During the meeting, we will review all aspects of the ALD
to establish best practice policies. In particular, we will determine if the type of
data being received is sufficient or, if we should include additional information.
Possible scenarios supporting this discussion include (but are not limited to)
the following:

• If a peer review has been completed
on a firm
• If there is additional information that
would better support mobility
• Terminology used for license status
and disciplinary action

The September issue of ALD News will report on improvements that will be implemented as a result of our upcoming meeting.

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