Summer 2009

CPT Grows Stronger with Your Support

The CPT is growing into a vital organization with a national presence and our donors continue to support our efforts. Although this is a difficult time in our Nation’s history and there is so much bad news bombarding me, I know how lucky I am to have a job where I can spend my day focusing on good news—and there is so much of it that we’ve lengthened our “Good News” column. Our staff has done an outstanding job of putting together conferences and the evaluations have reflected that. The Being a Difference Award ceremonies have continued to be some of our finest moments. In a world where each day the headlines highlight politicians’ corrupt behavior, where greed is a step on the corporate ladder, and doing the right thing seems to be an anamoly; it is truly an inspiration to know that people like Michael Josephson and the volunteers who built the Oklahoma Business Ethics Consortium walk among us.

A great way to keep up on ethics news is through the social network,Twitter. I’ve been following The Ethics Guy™, Dr. Bruce Weinstein, who writes the BusinessWeek Online ethics column. He was kind enough to let us reprint his “Ethics Quiz” at our Regional Meetings where we initiated and inspired some interesting discussions on ethical dilemmas.

I was at the funeral service for a dear friend’s father where the Rabbi shared this story. An old man asked his son to bring him a bundle of sticks. He then asked his son to break the sticks in half. The son tried and tried, but could not snap the bundle. The rather infirm man took the bundle, pulled out one twig and snapped it easily. This tale made me realize how much stronger the CPT is because of your support, and as we continue to grow and work together, we will become unbreakable.

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