Summer 2009

David Costello Speaks Up

President and CEO of the CPT, David Costello, was a featured guest on Magnet Investing, hosted by Jordan Kimmel during the April 2, 2009, radio program broadcast.

Mr. Kimmel believes that trust and transparency are vital to the strength of our financial markets during some Internet research, he came across the CPTWeb site. He was intrigued by the important work being done by NASBA and the CPT and invited Mr. Costello to speak to his audience. During the program,Mr. Costello noted that one of NASBA’s mandates is to call public attention to important regulatory changes that affect all state boards. Mr. Costello also commented that an impetus for creating the CPT was to call attention to the best practices being utilized and sincere ethical behaior of the majority of the public and not let all of the media’s focus be on scandals and bad news.The program can be listened to in its entirety at at Jordan Kimmel’s host page.

Since the radio program, CPT executive staff David Costello, Lisa Axisa and Alfonzo Alexander, have met with Jordan Kimmel at his Randolph, New Jersey office to discuss a program Mr. Kimmel is creating to emphasize the importance of trust in the business world. There may be an opportunity for the CPT to collaborate with Mr. Kimmel’s efforts. We will be sure to continue to report on the progress of this exciting collaboration.

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