State Board Report

May 2009

NASBA’s process for tracking the status of federal agency referrals to state boards has been recognized in the Government Accountability Office’s “Single Audit Improvements” (GAO?09?307R) as a step toward addressing the recommendations in the PCIE’s (President’s Council on Integrity and Efficiency) June 2007 Report on National Single Audit Sampling Project (see sbr 7/07) . The recommendations were aimed at improving the quality of single audits, which are intended to promote sound financial management of federal grant funds administered by state and local governments and nonprofit organizations.

“NASBA has developed a process for tracking the status of federal agency referrals to state boards on poor performing auditors to ensure appropriate action and timely follow?up,” the GAO report states. “NASBA plans to contact each federal grant awarding agency on a quarterly basis to inquire about outstanding referrals to determine whether the issues has been resolved.”

Among the GAO’s recommended actions for the Office of Management and Budget to take was the monitoring of its “work groups, the AICPA’s task forces, and NASBA referral project activities, and evaluate completed actions and their impact on addressing the PCIE report recommendations to improve single audit quality.”

The GAO’s report was released on April 10, 2009, and had been referenced by Marcia B. Buchanan, GAO Assistant Director – Financial Management and Assurance, at NASBA’s State Board Executive Directors Conference on March 13.

NASBA’s tracking process was developed by the 2007?08 Government Agency Referral Task Force, chaired by Ellis Dunkum (VA). It is being implemented by NASBA Director of Governmental, International and Professional Relations Linda Biek and staff with the assistance of the State Boards’ executive directors.

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