By Kenneth Denny, ALD Administrator

Some decisions – buying a house, where to go to college, and naming your first child are difficult. But NASBA has an easier decision option for selecting the Accountancy Licensing Data (ALD). All it takes to get started is a call to NASBA to discuss the data requirements. Some state boards have a system that can easily produce the required data and others have to take a few additional steps to provide this information. Once the requirements are established, a test file is sent to NASBA to ensure completeness of information. With completed requirements and an established file template, the state system begins to generate automated daily, weekly or monthly data transfers to the ALD. The ALD map of participating state boards is then updated to reflect the addition of your state. Your participation will be greatly appreciated by all state boards as they will now have a more robust research resource. You can count on NASBA to offer helpful assistance anytime to make your experience with ALD a great one.

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