Recently Tennessee State Boards of Accountancy member Doug Warren discussed his views on the Accounting Licensee of Database

When did the Tennessee State Board of Accountancy (TNSBA) join the ALD?
The TNSBA was part of the pilot program in 2003. With the help of the NASBA team, it was easy to be part of the database. Currently, the information is downloaded automatically every evening.

Why did the TNSBA decide to join ALD? I
It seemed like a natural choice for a regulator to participate in a system which allows the board staff to track CPAs in other states without visiting a variety of websites or placing phone calls. The federal agencies often inquire about a national database so they can ensure that CPAs who are performing Yellow Book work are properly licensed. This would also benefit the PCAOB as they register auditors of public companies.

A couple of years ago, the SEC released a list of more than 60 auditors who were performing audits of public companies, but they had not registered with the PCAOB. The list did not contain any information regarding the location of
the firms; it was too time intensive to determine the location of the firms and forward that information to the individual states for possible disciplinary action. With the ALD, the information could be pulled together in the time it takes to
type in the firm name. The time has come to make this information available on a limited basis and better protect the public.

Do you have any final words about ALD?
The database seems to be beneficial in assisting state boards with issues related to reciprocity; however, I believe that they will continue to find new and different ways to utilize the system once there is 100% participation. Anything that can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the board staff will be endorsed by the TNSBA.

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