By Tom Sadler, NASBA Chair

I am told by the ALD Taskforce that today we stand with 18 states fully operational in the Accountancy Licensee
Database project, and soon, we can expect at least 10 more to join. The ranks of states successfully participating is growing rapidly. The success so far is a great achievement but we must not rest until we have 100% participation. In the mobility initiative around the country, we have promised “no escape” from fair effective and efficient multi-state and multi-jurisdictional enforcement. Now is the time to deliver on that promise. Users of the ALD report high satisfaction and every day use in their administration of accountancy laws across the nation. Ask your neighbors using the system. They will tell you the benefits of instant knowledge ease their daily work. The more participating states the better we can make the system. Consistent coding and description enhancements are in the planning stages. ALD is very useful now and will only get better as it evolves.

NASBA leadership is fully committed to promoting 100% participation. Led by…..

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