Edith Steele, Executive Director, Oklahoma Accountancy Board

Edith Steele finds the Accountancy Licensee Database (ALD) very useful when dealing with enforcement issues. She uses the ALD to verify whether someone who is holding themselves out as a CPA is licensed in any other states. This is valuable information to know when trying to discipline someone or license someone in Oklahoma. The ALD ensures that Edith knows all of the jurisdictions for a particular licensee even if they are not forthcoming with that information. In a way, the
ALD acts as a fail-safe for the state board. The registration clerk at the Oklahoma Accountancy Board uses the ALD almost daily when processing reciprocal, reinstatement applications, and substantial equivalency notifications when they are
received by the board offices. Day to day…the ALD makes the work at the Oklahoma Accountancy Board a little easier when it comes to enforcement and licensing

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