By Viki Windfeldt, Executive Director, Nevada State Board of Accountancy

I believe the Accountancy Licensee Database (ALD) is a great tool. It will be even better once all states are participating. I personally use the ALD and the prototype on average 5-10 times per week. It’s an easy way to identify if someone has ever been licensed in any state. It also allows you to obtain information on the status of that particular individual. The other important thing to remember about the ALD is to understand how beneficial it will be once Mobility has been passed in all jurisdictions. It is not feasible to contact each state board in an attempt to track down a licensee.With a few clicks of your mouse on the ALD site, you have the information you need on any particular licensee. The ALD is
like having all 50 State Board web sites connected at one central location. It benefits everyone involved! Nevada is moving forward with Mobility and has been questioned by our Legislators if a database such as the ALD exists to determine how the ALD could assist with Mobility efforts

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