State Board Report

March 2009

A new committee, NASBA’s Enforcement Practices Committee, chaired by Harry O. Parsons (NV) , has formed four subcommittees to address its broad charge: 1? Uniform Enforcement Education Subcommittee (Mr. Parsons, chair) – Will maintain the Governmental Agency Referral process to ensure its successful continuation and will interact with the AICPA Professional Ethics Executive Committee to encourage referrals to state boards and to agencies when appropriate.

2? Enforcement Assessment and Best Practices Subcommittee (Michael Weinshel (CT), chair) – Is developing a manual of best enforcement practices.

3? Enforcement Practices Resource Subcommittee (Michael W. Skinner (GA), chair) – Is assembling a resource bank of specialized investigators and producing other information to be posted on the Communications Committee’s page on the NASBA Web site.

4?Multi?State Investigations Subcommittee (Kenneth R. Odom (AL), chair) ? Will form relationships with representatives of the accounting profession and other interested parties to develop an efficient process for multi?state, multi?office investigations and will promote interstate compacts as a means for fair and efficient enforcement.

Committee Chair Parsons told the NASBA Board in January that, “Mobility will not work unless we can assure all the states of enforcement.” He asked all jurisdictions to assist the Committee in gathering information about their current enforcement procedures and in identifying ways in which they would like NASBA to help them with enforcement.

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