State Board Report

February 2009

NASBA has added a new line of business, Management and Administrative Services, President David Costello announced at the January Board meeting. President of the new business unit is Denise Hanley, who had previously served as NASBA’s Chief Information Officer.

In announcing Ms. Hanley’s new post, President Costello explained: “Denise will launch a line of business that will enable NASBA to manage some or all functions for associations, small businesses and other organizations. She has done a fine job initiating technical services over the years at NASBA, and we are excited about her leading us into this new venture successfully.”

President Costello also announced some additional organizational changes. Thomas Kenny, NASBA Communications Director, has been charged with developing a Meetings Division to serve external customers in the areas of travel and meeting planning. President Costello stated: “For years NASBA has been a leader at planning, organizing and hosting outstanding meetings for state board members, committees, clients and others. In fact, we have requests to manage travel and meetings for other groups. With the economy bearing down on many organizations, including associations and small business, we believe it is of strategic importance for NASBA to launch this new business. “

NASBA’s Information Technology Department and Information Systems Department will be merged into one organization led by Chief Technology Officer Ed Barnicott.

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