State Board Report

November 2008

“Great success comes when you take a different path – the path that has not been laid out yet,” President David A. Costello told the 101st NASBA Annual Meeting, held October 26?29 in Boston. The meeting drew representatives from 52 state accountancy boards, including 132 delegates, 34 associates, 50 administrative staff and legal counsel, with other interested parties totaling 342 in attendance at the meeting, and including guests 445. President Costello pointed to NASBA’s mission, its work on the Uniform Accountancy Act and the development of the computer?based Uniform CPA Examination as examples of paths NASBA has taken that were not commonly tread.

Other “roads less traveled” that President Costello underscored were: NASBA’s draft white paper that has made boards think about whether 120 or 150 hours of education are required to take the Uniform CPA Examination prior to licensing at the 150?hour mark; working for increased transparency of the AICPA’s peer review reports to the state boards; renegotiating the computer?based testing agreement; promoting mobility legislation, that has been enacted in 31 states so far; growing the Accountancy Licensee Database, now interactive with 19 states; organizing NASBA’s September 21?23, 2009 National CPE Expo; and inaugurating the Center for the Public Trust. He pointed to the Forum for International Accounting Regulators and said, “We don’t sit back and cry about not being invited to someone else’s party:We will have our own. The state boards will know what is going on.”

“NASBA has been about going down different roads,” President Costello observed. “We will always choose those less traveled paths. When you see the invisible—then you do the mpossible. We, like JFK, are going to the moon – a different kind of moon.” This issue the State Bpard Report cover several of the presentations made at the Annual Meeting and the Forum for International Accounting Regulators. Many PowerPoints and talks from those events can be found on in the “Meetings” section.

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