Summer 2008

Founding Membership to Close December 31, 2008

You still have the unique opportunity to become a Founding Member of the NASBA Center for the Public Trust (CPT). This special membership category will be available until the end of 2008; yet those who become Founding Members will remain in this category and will always be recognized as early supporters. Becoming a Founding Member is easy—simply make a donation to the NASBA Center for the Public Trust by December 31, 2008.

Founding Members are listed as such on the CPT Web site. To further recognize this special group we are creating a “Founding Member” pin, which will be sent to all who donate during this campaign and to those that have already become Founding Members. Most importantly, your financial contribution to the NASBA Center for the Public Trust, and status as a Founding Member, reflects your belief in the endeavor to promote ethics and ethical leadership.

We also encourage you to promote Founding Membership in the NASBA Center for the Public Trust to your friends, colleagues and clients. As a stakeholder in the accounting community, it is important to promote the CPT and strengthen the public’s view of the accounting profession’s dedication to ethical behavior. The media’s over-attention to the discreditable acts at organizations such as Enron and WorldCom, has somewhat diminished the view of accounting as the most-trusted profession. With the CPT’s mission to “tell the good news” and its success in delivering high-quality ethics conferences, the CPT is truly elevating the ethical threshold in the business world.

To become a Founding Member visit our Web site at and contribute electronically or mail a check to: NASBA CPT |150 Fourth Avenue North | Suite 700 | Nashville, TN, 37219.

You can also help us become more effective by sharing this issue of EM and encouraging your associates to become Founding Members. If you have any questions regarding Founding Membership, or would like additional information on forwarding copies of EM, please contact CPT Activities Coordinator Jenn Bouchard at  or 615-564-2129.

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