Helping Practitioners Understand the Role of Ethics in Practice Today

More than 400 individuals attended the June 27 Ethics Symposium sponsored by the Connecticut State Board of Accountancy. The conference
featured three nationally known speakers, Dr. Raymond J. Clay, Jr., Gary M. Brown and NASBA CPT Board Member, Larry W. Bridgesmith.

Dr. Clay’s enthusiastic presentation “Ethics Cases in the Real World,” used case analyses to present ethics concepts and ethical reasoning. He included an ethics quiz which allowed participants to gauge their own ethical compass.
During the quiz, which pointed out that many times an individual will jeopardize his/her job for a paltry sum of money by cheating on an expense report, Dr. Clay noted, “we are often our own worst enemy.” He also utilized a general ethical checklist and discussed the core values of the accounting profession.

Gary M. Brown began his session by stating that ethical trends are cyclical and currently the ethics landscape at U.S. Companies are back to pre-Enron levels. Mr. Brown quoted an impressive statement from a corporate code of ethics and then revealed it was excerpted from Enron’s 65-page Code of Ethics. He noted that although Enron’s Code was well written, leadership had not actually focused on internal controls for about 25 years….

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