State Board Report

December 2007

Issues identified in the President’s Council on Integrity and Efficiency’s report on unacceptable single audits (see sbr 7/07) were discussed by NASBA President David Costello in his October 25, 2007 statement before the Subcommittee on Federal Financial Management, Government Information, Federal Services and International Security of the US Senate Committee on Homeland Security Government Affairs. He told the legislators: “We believe that it is extremely important for the Committee to recognize that once state boards have been provided with information pertaining to audit deficiencies, they possess the legislative authority to investigate the complaint, to adjudicate the complaint, and to impose a large range of disciplinary actions.”

Commenting on the PCIE’s National Single Audit Sampling Project, President Costello underscored the following:

– “The process for referral of complaints from governmental agencies to state boards can be improved and NASBA is committed to developing and maintaining that process; however, we will need the assistance of the federal community in order to be successful.

– “Where needed, NASBA will provide assistance to state boards that need assistance with their enforcement responsibilities.

– “State boards possess a complete arsenal of disciplinary actions and, thus, there is no need for additional legislation. Instead, the emphasis should be on making the referral process effective. – “NASBA can provide assistance in strengthening any additional continuing professional education that might be needed. ”

NASBA’s Government Agency Referral Task Force and Linda Biek, NASBA Director of Governmental, International and Professional Relationships, have been assigned to establishing a process to facilitate referrals from governmental agencies, President Costello told the Subcommittee.

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