State Board Report

August 2007

Provisions to facilitate licensee mobility and to automatically bring out-of-state practitioners under the jurisdiction of the local state board (as expressed in the newly revised Uniform Accountancy Act Section 23) are gaining support throughout the country. As of the Board of Directors’ July meeting, states which had enacted such legislation included: Illinois, Indiana, Maine, Missouri, Ohio, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia and Wisconsin. In addition, legislative action was in progress in Louisiana, Oklahoma, Oregon and Pennsylvania. Boards in Arizona, California, Delaware, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Mexico, North Dakota and Washington have expressed their support for such legislation as well.

Ken Bishop, chair of the NASBA CPA Mobility Task Force, told the NASBA Board in July that, during 2008, the Task Force expects to work with at least 14 additional states to have them actively support Section 23 as well. Looking at the Task Force’s progress since the beginning of 2007, Mr. Bishop commented: “We started with four states [that had mobility provisions similar to those in revised Section 23] and six months later 11 more states have this type of mobility — and we think there will be three more by the end of the year. In all the states where these provisions were voted on, there was only one negative vote.”

NASBA Chair Wes Johnson thanked Mr. Bishop and the Task Force members for all their work on this project. Task Force members include: Albert J. Cannon (OH), Ellis M. Dunkum (VA), Thomas J. Kilkenny (WI), Theodore W. Long, Jr., (OH), Barbara R. Porter (ID), Ronald J. Rotaru (OH) and Arthur M. Winstead, Jr. (NC). The Task Force has been assisted by consultant Ed Barnicott, who became part of NASBA’s staff as Chief Technology Officer on July 27.

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