July 2007

These Uniform Accountancy Rules (“Rules”) have been prepared by the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (“NASBA”) as part of its continuing effort to update and promote uniformity in the regulatory schemes governing the practice of accountancy in the various jurisdictions.

These Rules are keyed to the Uniform Accountancy Act (“Uniform Act”) — Fourth Edition in several respects. Like most rules of administrative agencies they are intended in a general sense to implement or to explain specific statutory provisions governing the operations of the agency concerned; thus, in those cases where it appears appropriate for a Rule to contain a reference to a statutory provision, the reference provided in these Rules is to a provision of the Uniform Act. The organizing pattern of the Rules also reflects that of the Uniform Act: the numbered Articles under which the Rules are grouped correspond to section numbers in the Uniform Act.

The Rules are not intended to depend entirely upon the Uniform Act, or to be suitable for adoption only in jurisdictions where the accountancy law corresponds to the Uniform Act. Where the law that is in force varies from the Uniform Act, modifications may be necessary to adapt the Rules to the pertinent statute.

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UAA Model Rules July 2007

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