State Board Report

July 2007

While the 2007 NASBA Eastern Regional Meeting was set in historic Williamsburg, VA, and the Western Regional Meeting took place in the majestic Colorado Springs, CO, both meetings found accountancy boards’ members eager to discuss the why’s and how’s of the proposed revisions to Section 23 of the Uniform Accountancy Act, revisions that do away with notification for temporary practice, but firmly implant automatic board jurisdiction over all practicing within a state board’s territory. Total attendance for the Eastern Regional, held June 6-8, was 179 with 33 state boards represented. Total attendance for the Western Regional, held June 20 -22, was 203 with 34 boards represented.

NASBA Chair Wesley Johnson told the Meetings: “Mobility was the big issue when I came in as chair. The real issue is the clients: If they are not properly served, then the public is not properly served. We formed the Mobility Task Force to make appropriate changes to the laws and rules to permit cross-border practice. Those changes provide for no notice, no fees and no escape [from state board jurisdiction].”

President David Costello commented: “I do not know of any better collaborative process than the Mobility Task Force.” He proudly pointed to NASBA’s headquarter state, Tennessee, as being one of the first of the new wave of states to pass legislation embracing the mobility concepts in the revisions to Section 23. “If it is going to protect the public – we can get it done,” he told the state boards.

In the first six months of the Task Force’s operations, its members visited 15 states, meeting with both boards and representatives from 23 state societies, Task Force Chair Ken Bishop said. “All the principle parties have worked to build consensus to make for a successful operation,” he commented. The goal for 2007 had been to have 10 states take legislative action on the new revision – and by the end of June 2007 that number will be achieved, Mr. Bishop said. The goal for 2008 is to have 30 states with such legislation, and for 2009 have 45, he stated. “We are trying to nullify opposition by providing real information to states that have concerns,” he explained.

Among the states Mr. Bishop listed as having either recently enacted or moving toward enactment of the proposed Section 23 concept were: Tennessee, Indiana, Texas, Illinois, Rhode Island, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Maine, Hawaii, Pennsylvania and Oregon. Updated information will be posted on NASBA’s Web site, Mr. Bishop stated.

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