State Board Report

April 2007

“We meet with the idea that there are common grounds where we all have to work together, for we all see the need for regulation,” Rebecca A. Connors, Colorado Assistant Attorney General and chair of NASBA’s Legal State Board Legal Counsel Conference, said at the meeting in Las Vegas. “It is a good feeling to know you are not alone with the issues you have to deal with,” she told the boards’ attorneys and executive directors.

Topics covered at this year’s Legal Counsel Conference included: the revised Uniform Accountancy Act, investigative techniques, and the inter-state enforcement compact and confidentiality issues. This year’s program saw an increase in the number of sessions shared with the executive directors. However, sessions designed specifically for the attorneys were conducted by Ms. Connors, Michael Granen, Noel Allen, Maria-Lisa Caldwell, Mark Crocker and Kathleen Smith.

Ms. Smith, chair of the NASBA Legal Affairs Committee, reported a state accountancy regulation enforcement agreement, is being promoted to strengthen cooperative enforcement among the states. The Committee continues to focus on confidentiality problems that would prevent some states from participating in this type of agreement. In addition, the Committee is working on compiling sample sanctions that boards have successfully used for disciplining licensees.

The progress of NASBA’s Accountancy Licensee Database and Accountancy Licensing Library, both accessed through the Web site, was summarized by Ms. Caldwell. She underscored the information that the legal counsel will find useful on the site. NASBA is making these tools available to the boards’ staff, including board attorneys, at no charge.

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