State Board Report

April 2007

Colleen K. Conrad, the first AICPA Board of Examiners’ chair to have a state board background, reported to the Executive Directors Conference, “We are committed to transparency and openness; committed to communication; committed to doing the right thing.” She told the meeting that nine of the 16 current members of the BOE have state board experience, and nominations are now being solicited for the three BOE positions that will be vacated this year as well as for BOE committee members.

The BOE has appointed a Practice Analysis Oversight Group, with eight of the 11 members representing the state boards’ perspective, Ms. Conrad said. The survey to be used for the practice analysis, on which the Uniform CPA Examination will be based, is currently going through the approval process and will be administered May-June 2007, with the final report from the Oversight Group anticipated in December 2007.

Among the priorities for the BOE this year that Ms. Conrad detailed are: continuing the practice analysis, development of task-based simulations, and shortening the time to develop questions and new versions of authoritative literature. She also stressed the need to “revisit and improve the detailed examination instructions – on the exam and on Web sites—uniformity is the key.”

Wyoming Board Executive Director Peggy Morgando, a member of NASBA’s CPA Licensing Examinations Committee, assured the executive directors that the Committee is working to ensure the state boards get the best examination possible. The Committee has made recommendations to NASBA’s leadership on revised grade reporting policies. In addition, the Committee has requested that the AICPA review its quality control procedures and submit a written report on measures it will be taking both long-term and short-term.

The Committee is encouraging the state boards to submit names of CPAs to participate in the BOE’s practice analysis, Ms. Morgando reported. Previous practice analysis survey participants had been chosen from AICPA members.

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