November 2002

Beginning with the 1992 edition, the Uniform Accountancy Act has been designed as an “evergreen” document. This edition makes some changes to the prior edition including revisions to the Act to conform to SSARS 8 and providing rules related to internet practice, notification under substantial equivalency, and the computerized CPA examination. A formal process remains in place to address needed changes.The Uniform Act comprises the complete text of a statute (in boldface type) that could be adopted in place of any accountancy law now in effect, with explanatory comments (not intended to be enacted as part of the law) following some provisions printed in regular type. It may happen that a particular legislature will be interested in considering not a complete new law but only certain provisions, to be substituted for or added to provisions of the law already in effect. An effort has been made to make the provisions of the Uniform Act readily adaptable for this purpose. However, in the event of piecemeal adoption, it is likely that changes in particular provisions will be required in order to tailor them to the terminology and structure of the existing legislation. The comments attempt to identify important matters that might need to be considered in such circumstances, but no effort has been made to identify every point regarding which adaptation might be required; that can better be done (and in any event would have to be done) when particular legislation is actually under consideration.

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