2013 Annual Meeting

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Signing a Contract

CPT Event

CPT Event

CPT Event

Meeting Attendees

Meeting Attendees

Meeting Attendees

Karen Turner

Ted Long


Sweeney and Sachs

Michael Daggett and Andy Duboff

Sweeney Family

Rubin Family

Rubin Family

Rubin Family


Jimmy Burkes

Kent Smoll

Kim Tredinnick

Mark Harris

Rick Sweeney

Diane Rubin

Lorraine Sachs

Andy Duboff

Michael Daggett

Andy Duboff Congratulated

17_Gaylen Hansen

Ken Odom

Carlos Johnson

Ken Bishop

Ken Bishop

Nicole Kasin

Alfonzo Alexander

16_Standard Setters Panel

Laurie Tish

Karen Pincus

Gaylen Hansen, William Balhoff, Carlos Johnson and Ken Bishop

Meeting Room

Gaylen Hansen, Jeanette Franzel, Ken Bishop and Carlos Johnson

AICPA Chair William Balhoff

PCAOB Member Jeanette Franzel

NASBA Chair Gaylen Hansen

2013 NASBA Annual Meeting

Russell Golden, FASB Chairman

Ken Bishop and Maui County Mayor Alan Arakawa

Bishop and Hawaii Board

Nelson K.M. Lau

Maui County Mayor Alan Arakawa

2012-13 Chair Gaylen Hansen

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