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NASBA Comments on Subordination of Judgment by a Member, AICPA Professional Ethics Division, Exposure Draft 1/7/13

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NASBA Comments on Omnibus Proposal, AICPA Professional Ethics Division, Interpretations and Definitions, Exposure Draft 11/19/12

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White Paper CPA Firm Names

The purpose of this White Paper is to assist in providing transparency to the users of CPA firm services and the public at large regarding a CPA firm’s identity, by promoting uniformity among the various state boards of accountancy regarding their rules on CPA firm names, and where appropriate, recommend revisions to the Uniform Accountancy…

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Discussion Paper Final Uniform Independence Definition

October 22, 2010 Monitor and evaluate the issues of the AICPA’s Professional Ethics Executive Committee (PEEC), to harmonize ethics standards of State Boards of Accountancy with other regulatory bodies, to promote the development and adoption of UAA ethics provisions uniformly among the states, and to share with state boards emerging ethics and other professional issues.…

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AICPA Ethics: Independence Codification

October 13, 2009 The AICPA Professional Ethics Executive Committee (PEEC) has begun a project to create a single source of easy-to use guidance on AICPA ethics and independence matters. The project will entail restructuring the AICPA Code of Professional Conduct (Code) and combining its guidance with related guidance that is currently not in the Code to…

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Letter of Comment to the AICPA’s Proposed Interpretation of Rule 501-8 1/15/08

January 15, 2008 NASBA comments to the Members of the Professional Ethics Executive Committee about the “Proposal of Professional Ethics Division, Proposed Interpretation 501-8 Under Rule 501: Failure to follow requirements of governmental bodies, commissions, or other regulatory agencies on indemnification and limitation of liability agreements with a client.” The proposal affects members that agree…

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