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Boards Depend on Accreditation Groups

State Board Report February 2014 State Boards were recently asked by NASBA’s Regional Directors if they were considering how changing forms of the delivery of education are impacting the education of CPA candidates. The most common response from the Boards was that they are depending on the schools of higher education, their accrediting bodies and…

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NASBA Launches International Evaluation Services

National administrator of the Uniform CPA Exam offers high-quality, cost-effective educational services to CPA exam and licensure candidates   NASHVILLE, Tenn., July 9, 2012 – The National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA) announced today the launch of its newest undertaking – International Evaluation Services. The service, specifically designed for CPA exam and licensure…

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International Evaluation Services: NASBA’s Newest Venture

Author: Andy Goldstein, NASBA Electronic Media Specialist and Webmaster
Posted: June 12, 2012

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NASBA Evaluation Service Launched

State Board Report May 2012 Responding to a request received from many State Boards, NASBA has started its International Transcript Evaluation Service. NASBA Executive Vice President Colleen Conrad announced at the Board of Directors' meeting that James Suh, NASBA Director of Continuous Improvement & Analysis, will be director of the operation with Brentni Henderson-King having…

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Candidate Performance Book Benefits Many Different Users

Authors: Alfonzo Alexander, NASBA Chief Relationship Officer and James Suh, NASBA Director of Training, Analytics and Quality
Posted: October 20, 2011

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