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NASBA Comments on IRS Notice 2011-61 8/17/11

August 17, 2011 In response to the IRS’ Notice 2011-61 requesting feedback, NASBA provided commentary highlighting the experience and expertise of its National Registry of CPE Sponsors. Launched in 1990, the National Registry lists providers who meet standards recognized and jointly developed by NASBA, its member state boards of accountancy and the American Institute of…

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NASBA Offers IRS Recommendations on Approval Process for Continuing Education Providers

Author: Maria-Lisa Caldwell, Esq, NASBA General Counsel and Director of Compliance Services
Posted: August 17, 2011

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IRS Hawkins Addresses EDs

State Board Report April 2010 Proposed regulations for the Internal Revenue Service’s new registration program of tax return preparers (amending Section 6109 of the IRS Code) were detailed at the Executive Directors Conference by Karen Hawkins, director of the IRS Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR). She said the IRS would be releasing proposed regulations on…

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NASBA Writes to IRS

State Board Report September 2009 The rigor comprehensiveness and validity of the Uniform CPA Examination were underscored in a letter sent August 30 by NASBA Chair Thomas J. Sadler and President David a. Costello in response to Internal Revenue Service Commissioner Doug Shulman’s call for input regarding the IRS’s proposed registration and regulation of tax…

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IRS Launches Tax Return Preparer Review; Recommendations to Improve Compliance Expected by Year End

IR-2009-57, June 4, 2009 WASHINGTON- IRS Commissioner Doug Shulman announced today that by the end of 2009, he will propose a comprehensive set of recommendations to help the Internal Revenue Service better leverage the tax return preparer community with the goals of increasing taxpayer compliance and ensuring uniform and high ethical standards of conduct for…

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