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NASBA Comments on Proposed International Education Standards (IES) Exposure Draft 10/11/12

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NASBA Past Chair Rubin Addresses EFAA

State Board Report May 2012 The ethical framework for professional accountants – including standard-setting, implementation and practical challenges for small and mediumsize entities, will be addressed by NASBA Past Chair Diane Rubin (CA) on May 9 at the EFAA (European Federation of Accountants and Auditors) conference in Rome. As NASBA's representative she has been asked…

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Analysis of Global Qualifications Coming

State Board Report October 2011 An analysis of the qualification, education and training of accountants in selected countries around the world is being prepared by a team led by Gert H. Karreman of the Center for Business Studies at Leiden University in the Netherlands. At NASBA’s Fourth International Regulators Forum, held in July, Professor Karreman described…

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IAESB Proposes Experience Changes

State Board Report September 2011 Rather than requiring a minimum of three years of practical experience as a qualification for professional accountants, the International Accounting Education Standards Board has released proposed changes to International Education Standard (IES) 5, Practical Experience Requirements for Aspiring Professional Accountants, that allows its member bodies (such as the AICPA) to take…

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