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New Resources Added to Enforcement Tools Web Pages

August 29, 2014 NASBA and the Enforcement Resources Committee are pleased to announce that a new resource titled “Communicating with Federal Agencies” has been added to the Enforcement Tools section of NASBA.org. Boards of Accountancy deal with enforcement issues within their own jurisdiction, enforcement across jurisdictional borders through mobility, and also enforcement issues arising from services…

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NASBA Enforcement Report Expanded

State Board Report May 2014 The NASBA Enforcement Resources Committee, chaired by Harry O. Parsons (NV), continues to work with NASBA staff to gather information from federal agencies regarding disciplinary or enforcement matters involving CPAs. As edited by Regulatory Affairs Manager Stacey Grooms, the quarterly Enforcement Report being sent to the Accountancy Boards’ Executive Directors…

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NASBA Creates Enforcement Tools Site

State Board Report March 2014 NASBA Enforcement Resources Committee Chair Harry O. Parsons (NV) has announced the creation of “Enforcement Tools” Web pages on NASBA’s website. The resources currently on the site that are available to the Boards as well as the public include: SEC/IRS Quarterly Enforcement Reports; Enforcement Newsletters; Becoming an Investigator or Expert…

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Getting to Know: Enforcement Resources Committee

Author: Andy Goldstein, NASBA Electronic Media Specialist and Webmaster
Posted: June 11, 2013

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Record Legal Counsel Turnout

State Board Report April 2013 Legal counsel and investigators from 23 states participated in NASBA’s 18th Annual Conference for State Board Legal Counsel, March 3-5 in Tucson. Besides attending joint sessions with the Boards’ executive directors, the attorneys participated in a roll call of states and in-depth discussions of recent case law, codification of the…

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Training Modules for Board Investigators

State Board Report April 2013 In Tucson, executive directors were given a peek at the training videos prepared by NASBA, in cooperation with the Enforcement Resources Committee, to prepare investigators for working with Accountancy Boards. Rather than host a day-long investigator training session, NASBA decided to produce a six-module training program that would be available…

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