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Ethics Breakout Session

Jurisdiction Ethics Exam   Jurisdiction Ethics Exam  Alabama Y    Montana  Y   Alaska Y   Nebraska Y Arizona Y   Nevada Y Arkansas N   New Hampshire N California Y (CA only)   New Jersey Y Colorado Y (CA & AICPA)   New Mexico Y Connecticut Y   New York N Delaware Y  …

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2008 Regional Meeting – Ethics Breakout Session 2

NASBA Regional Meeting 2008 This document was handout at NASBA’s 2008 Regional Meeting to stimulate discussion over Ethics and CPE. See Full Document:Ethics Breakout Session 2

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Semi-Independent State Boards of Accountancy Exposure Draft

May 20, 2010 “NASBA believes Accountancy Boards need a high level of autonomy in operational and financial matters and the authority to operate at level that is commensurate with their responsibility to act in the public interest.” It is NASBA’s belief that the facts and rationale set forth below are compelling and that semi-independent Accountancy…

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